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All about the 4th U.S.Infantry

The 4th U.S. Infantry was formed in 1999 as part of the Union Army of the Southern Skirmish Association (SOSKAN) and we portray the life of the Regular U.S. Infantry soldier during the mid-war period of 1863.

At present the 4th U.S. is one of Soskan’s Main Union Regiments and has undertaken several roles including Soskan’s Union Headquarter and Color Guard, which is a role we can occasionally still undertake.

As a re-enactment group, our main objective is to portray a period of time during the American Civil War by dressing, living and fighting just as men of the Union Army would have done at the time.

acw 4th U.S Regulars
Welcome to the 4th U.S. Infantry


Our aim is to display that moment in time, by offering all those who come to view or participate at events run by SOSKAN, and other re-enactment societies, an enjoyable and realistic impression based on the union soldiers and their family’s way of life.

acw 4th U.S.Regulars Flyer


If you are tempted by the thought of joining our unit and coming back through time to forget 21st Century gadgets for the weekend, then please visit the Recruitment page to enlist in the Glorious 4th. You can meet our current members on our members page.


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The 4th U.S. are an American Civil War Reenactment Group and are in no way related to the United States Military.

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